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Implement the NIS2 directive and maintain your security levels with CyberUpgrade. We will help:

Critically assess the current state of the organisation's cybersecurity.

CISO Copilot engages all employees with specific risk assessments

Develop a plan to protect against the most realistic threats.

Task list and graphics in the CoreGuardian dashboard

Prepare regular cybersecurity training for all personnel.

CISO Copilot initiates individual short training sessions in SLACK / TEAMS

Install necessary cybersecurity measures.

CISO Copilot recommends software and provides with instructions

Develop incident response plans.

Based on collected data CoreGuardian will general all necessary policy docs.

Virtual cybersecurity guide

At CyberUpgrade, we understand that for many, the NIS2 Directive and cybersecurity can be obscure and daunting topics.

Therefore, recognizing the challenges many clients face in navigating the cybersecurity landscape, we have developed a virtual cybersecurity guide. This guide initiates questions and tasks, providing comprehensive guidance for the entire organization in implementing NIS2, ISO 27001, and other best practices to improve the security situation, increase employee knowledge, and maintain cyber vigilance.

What is the NIS2 Directive?

The purpose of the European Union’s NIS2 Directive is to oblige organisations and their providers in Critical Sectors to ensure the security of information (processes, data, code, etc.).


The Directive must be implemented into the national legislation of each EU country by 17 October 2024. Starting from the following day, the legislation will take effect, and companies will be required to comply with it.

Practical benefits of NIS2

Risk Management

Reduce the risk of data leakage or business disruption.

Loss Prevention

Reduce the risk of losses due to data breaches, fines, and lawsuits.


Reduce the risk of becoming a tool for hackers to trick others.

Competitive Advantage

Increase competitiveness when working with large and public organisations.

Sectors affected by the NIS2 Directive

Essential entities

250 employees
€50M annual turnover
Water supply
Digital infrastructure
Public administration

Important entities

50 employees
€10M annual turnover
Waste management
Post and parcels
Scientific research
Chemical industry
Digital services

NIS2 indirectly affects

NIS2 also indirectly affects companies that provide goods or services to Essential and Important Entities.

IT services
Accountancy services
And other vendors

Liability and fines

Managers and board members of Essential and Important Entities will be personally responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that cybersecurity risk assessments are carried out.
  2. Implementation of technical and organisational security measures.
  3. Ongoing cybersecurity assurance through training and risk management programmes.
  4. Appropriate risk management.

In case of non-compliance, fines will be imposed

Essential entities

A maximum of at least €10 million or 2% of global annual turnover.

Important entities

A maximum of at least €7 million or 1.4% of global annual turnover.

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