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Benefits of ISO 27001 compliance

ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). Compliance with ISO 27001 offers numerous benefits to organizations, including:

Enhanced security posture

- Systematic and proactive approach - Improved risk management
- Vendor risk management

Improved business reputation

- Customer trust increases growth
- Differentiation improves competitiveness

Operational efficiency

- Streamlined processes
- Improved incident response, recovery
- Minimized impact

Financial benefits

- Reduced incident management costs
- Insurance benefits
- Reduced risk of gross negligence fines

Employee awareness

- Requires regular training & awareness
- Clearly defined roles & responsibilities

Continuous improvements

- Requires continuous monitoring and assessments
- Helps adapt to evolving security landscape

How to implement ISO 27001?

Streamline ISO 27001 & NIS2 compliance in one effort!

CyberUpgrade creates cool solutions to automate ISO27001 compliance. Our mission? Making cyber security fun for CTOs and CISOs.

CISO Copilot is your proactive buddy, engaging with the whole team to assess, train, and maintain ISO27001 routines. With all the collected data, the CoreGuardian dashboard offers clear visibility of process and ensures your ISO27001 controls stay on track and exciting.

How many controls in ISO 27001?

ISO 27001:2022, the latest version of the standard, includes a total of 93 controls. These controls are grouped into 4 sections, which are organized in Annex A of the standard. Here is a breakdown of these controls:

Organizational Controls (37 controls)

  • Focus: Governance, policies, procedures, and processes related to information security.
  • Benefits: Strengthens governance structure, ensures consistent security practices, and supports regulatory compliance.

People Controls (8 controls)

  • Focus: Responsibilities and behaviors of employees, contractors, and other users.
  • Benefits: Promotes a security-conscious culture, ensures accountability, and reduces the risk of human error.

Physical Controls (14 controls)

  • Focus: Physical protection of information assets.
  • Benefits: Safeguards against physical threats, ensures the security of critical infrastructure, and enhances disaster recovery capabilities.

Technological Controls (34 controls)

  • Focus: Technical aspects of information security.
  • Benefits: Protects against cyber threats, ensures data integrity and confidentiality, and supports secure system operations.

The controls in ISO 27001:2022 are designed to address various aspects of information security risk management and to provide a comprehensive framework for protecting information assets. Organizations can choose and implement these controls based on their specific risk assessment and information security needs.

CyberUpgrade can help you prepare for ISO 27001

CISO Copilot in Slack / Teams

– Engages all team in periodic ISO27001 routines
– Proactive guidance and task delegation
– Periodic risk assessments – save up to 90% time
– Periodic training – 100% on us

CoreGuardian dashboard

– Policies 100% done with CoreGuardian
– Necessary ISO27001 Registers management
– Audit Room to keep all evidence and policy documents
– Monitoring organizations current compliance to policies
– Enables convenient and faster Internal/external Audits
– Compliance and regulatory management

Fractional CISO services

Experienced team is ready to help your navigate through difficult ISO27001 controls

Penetration Tests

Black / Gray / White pentests, provided by experienced and decorated professionals

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