Gain CONTROL Over Cybersecurity

CISO-led compliance and cybersecurity implementation, accelerated by software for
3x faster, clearer, and continuous results.

– Comply with DORA, ISO 27001, NIS 2,..
– Software for engagement, visibility & continuity
– 10+ years in cybersecurity & compliance

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ICT compliance for organizations led by
experienced CISOs and enhanced by unique software.

Engage all team

CISO Copilot engages every employee in Slack / Teams

Automate cybersec routines. Cultivate organization’s cyber security culture with: 

Regular risk assessments
Periodic tasks
Evidence collection 
Awareness training & more

Benefit from a fusion of different standards

Streamline DORA, ISO 27001 & NIS 2 in one effort

CyberUpgrade technology and our team of CISOs, Compliance and Legal officers enable you to comply much faster with: 

ISO 27001 
EU NIS2 directive
EU DORA reglament
& others

Control & Monitor progress

Track implementation of  security Tasks > Controls > Policies

Manage cyber security improvement journey and monitor progress and team engagement from a powerful dashboard. Gather CyberSec news and know-how to keep up with progress.

Build Audit room

Gather up to date evidence and Policies in one place

Be prepared for incidents and audits with an up to date Audit room where policies and evidence are safely stored.

Get Services You Need

Change management has never been a walk in the park, especially in cyber security and compliance fields. Get a solid help for your CTO or CISO.


Comply with NIS2 & ISO27001 with one effort
100% of ISO27001 & NIS2 measures


Proactive CISO guidance
CISO Copilot for your Team
CoreGuardian Dashboard
– Programming Code Scanner

Gain full control with:
– Periodic risk assessments
– Guidance and tasks
– Periodic training
– Policy documents

Optional Services:
– Fractional CISO
– PenTest as a Service

*All plans include guidance and mentorship of our cyber security & compliance team.

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CyberUpgrade combines unique software and specialists to help organizations gain control, visibility, and continuity in cybersecurity measures.

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