Cybersecurity: Beyond the Formal Checkbox

Embracing an Operational, Practical Approach with a Founder-to-Founder Mentality

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Practical experience

CyberUpgrade’s technology is the result of over a decade of real-world cyber battlefield experience. We have been at the forefront of building and evolving critical infrastructure for core banking products, ensuring that security is grounded in proven expertise.

Inclusive Approach

What sets CyberUpgrade apart is our inclusive approach to cybersecurity. We ensure every team member is actively engaged in assessing real cyber status. Our training process is interactive, realistic, and regular, making every team member an integral part of cyber threat defense strategy.

Evidence-Based Continuity Management

Our approach to managing continuity is both regular and operational, spanning the entire organization. This allows us to gather factual, evidence-based information about your defense lines. With continuous monitoring, your CISO can focus on decision-making, backed by reliable data.

Always Audit-Ready

Ensure your organization is audit-ready with the push of a button. Whether it’s for an internal or external audit, access to your factual cyber health documentation and evidence is always just a push away.

Approach tested by real life challenges

Explore how our tools deal with complex cybersecurity needs: regulator or licensing requirements and continuous monitoring.


Tailored solution for your complex cybersecurity needs

Priced for your organization

*Plan includes related assessments, periodic training, policy documents, and software recommendations.

Powerful Features for Robust Security

Discover the features that position CyberUpgrade as the definitive solution for strengthening your digital defenses.

AI driven assessments

Automation technology integrated across all layers.

Experience automation at every level with our intelligent AI engine. By integrating the best cybersecurity practices with our team’s extensive experience in critical infrastructure and core banking, we offer unparalleled assessment capabilities.

Communication technology

Innovative, gamified, and smart.

Our advanced chatbot employs a gamified approach to actively involve every team member in the cybersecurity process. It’s designed to accurately assess the current state, compile a cyber evidence base, and provide regular education and testing on various scenarios.

Compliance managed properly

Streamlined control tagging across diverse compliance standards.

Efficiently navigate through the maze of certification requirements with our sophisticated control tools. We cover a wide range of standards and laws, including ISO 27001, NIS 2, SOC, DORA and specific financial or health industry regulations, simplifying the complex task of ensuring compliance.

With the data we gather, we promptly update company policies and the cyber evidence repository in real time.

Monitoring and scanning

View your cyber status at a glance.

Our continuous automated monitoring allows for comprehensive oversight across multiple systems and tools via a single dashboard. This approach offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional SIEM models and facilitates proactive threat detection.

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