Trust no one: Why You Should Rethink Your Current Data Backup Strategy

In today’s digital world, trusting no one and securing your data with cloud backups isn’t just smart—it’s essential. Especially considering latest incidents in data centers and SaaS providers, here’s what we have in mind:
Google has deleted accounts and backups;
Tietoevy ransomware attack affects thousands of websites;
A fire at an OVH data centre left many customers without data and backups;
Power outages disrupted Microsoft data centre operations;..

Cybersecurity frameworks and regulations like ISO27001, the EU NIS2 Directive, and DORA Regulation all emphasize the critical need for robust data backup and data-at-rest policies to prevent catastrophic business data loss. And having a backup plan is only half the battle; regularly testing it is the key to ensuring it actually works when needed. In addition, the backups must be physically far apart.

Beyond just backups, comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans go further by incorporating incident management processes. These plans are designed to keep your business running smoothly, even when disaster strikes.

Let’s not forget that many businesses depend heavily on service vendors, whose operations are often tied to data centers. This interdependence can quickly turn into a complex mess. That’s why effective vendor management from a cybersecurity standpoint is not just important—it’s becoming mandatory.

Think of your data like your favorite pair of socks: never trust anyone else to take care of it, and always have the backup for a backup. And remember, in the world of cybersecurity, a little paranoia goes a long way!

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